Additional Services

  • Repackaging / packaging merchandise from bulk packaging to individual packages
  • Labelling and printing of labels
  • Tagging merchandise as well as application of stickers, indexes, holograms, etc.
  • Creating promotional or rewards packages
  • Combining products into multipacks
  • Sorting and retrieving products, e.g. from Holiday packages
  • Including complimentary items with certain products
  • Shrinkwrapping products
  • Enveloping
  • Product placement of leaflets, brochures, coupons, samples, etc,
  • Binding products with warehouse tape
  • Packaging readied items onto palettes and creating packaging designs


We offer a full range of services associated with the assembly of products.  We wish each of our clients to be fully satisfied with our company's services which is why we offer each client customized solutions.  

We invite you to do business with us and to send any and all questions to the address or to contact us directly by phone 42 632 29 25 .

We offer very reasonable costs beginning at just 0.15 PLN netto per product.  Discounts are granted on an individual basis.