Customer Rewards Programs

Milowe Zakupy is a nation-wide program directed towards retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers who would like to offer their clients uncomplicated but very effective and reasonably-priced loyalty programs based on traditional methods of collecting rewards points in the form of coupons.

General Program Principles:

  • GSP sells rewards coupons to the program organizer
  • GSP delivers the complimentary program materials according to the agreed-upon conversion
  • The program organizer issues coupons to clients according to the established agreement between the clients and program organizer
  • Clients' coupon books are delievered to GSP or the program organizers once the clients have gathered the desired amount of coupons
  • GSP issues coupon rewards by mail or courier directly to the client or to the organizers of the program

Program Elements:

  • Counterfeit-proof coupons
  • Terms of the program
  • Rewards catalog
  • Posters
  • Coupon books for accumulating coupons and an included form for realizing rewards
  • Internet portal

Scope of services provided by GSP:

  • Development of program conditions in terms which will allow businesses to direct their program towards their contractors
  • Preparing advertisement materials concerning the program
  • Delivery of counterfeit-proof coupons
  • Operation of telephone customer service where information will be available even directly from the program administrator if necessary
  • Operation of internet portal as an information platform about the program
  • Guarantee of attractive rewards offers and uninterrupted distribution for program participants
  • Responsibility for the realization of issuing rewards