Milowezakupy +

Milowe Zakupy Plus - Kolporter

GSP, in cooperation with the Polish company Kolporter, has launched a new loyalty program under the name "Milowe Zakupy Plus."  The program is available to chains as well as individual partners who have signed agreements for distribution services through Kolporter or whom are interested in establishing such an arrangement.


The Milowe Zakupy Plus program is based on our electronic-points acquisition system.  Upon completing their shopping, clients may issue their magnetic loyalty card which is charged with points.  Points are cumulated through the Kolporter terminal.  Points may be collected at all locations marked with the Milowe Zakupy Plus logo.  The program is at a reasonable cost, it is effective, and it is especially convenient and understandable for clients.


The well-being of our clients is of greatest concern to GSP.  It is for them that we continue to perfect and modify our programs for the better.  In the interest of companies searching for new solutions we also expand our catalog of rewards and services.  We guarantee client satisfaction and competitive advantages through our professional approach.